The emeibaby combines the support and perfect fit from a woven wrap with the ease and the simplicity of a soft structured carrier.

This innovative carrier is a hybrid carrier that combines a wrap and a Soft-Structured Carrier (SSC).The baby sits in a wrap fastened with two aluminium rings to the shoulder straps and sewn to the waist belt.

The padded waist and contoured shoulder straps provide the simple styling and ergonomic comfort of a structured carrier, and the woven wrap fabric creates the body of the carrier, providing the fabulous deep-seat and optimal ‘M’ shaped positioning achieved using a woven wrap.

The emeibaby carrier is adjustable to the size of the baby as well as to your size. Unlike most popular SSCs that have the shoulder straps attached to a rather rigid back panel and a seat that can’t be altered in size, the emeibaby is the perfect SSC for a newborn. It offers all around support and keeps the spine in the natural position.

There is no need for a bulky newborn insert like with other popular SSCs that make it hard to achieve proper positioning. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable. There’s an adjustable sleep hood and a sliding chest strap. You can use this carrier on your front or your back. The emeibaby makes it really easy to wear your baby high on your back which is better for your pelvic floor and makes a happy baby that can see over your shoulder.

This is a wonderful carrier for every age group and every climate. The light 100% certified organic cotton material is very breathable. The simplicity and ease of use makes it a perfect carrier for rainy weather too! No tails dragging in the mud but still the comfort and support of a woven wrap.

Even if you have two children of different ages you just need to take one carrier with you when going out. The emeibaby will fit both children perfectly with only a few adjustments. The adjustable rings let you get a perfect fit EVERY time, no matter if your babe is 1 week, or 2 years old. Suitable for newborns, to babies, toddlers and children, the Emeibaby is a clever carrier. Combining the soft, mouldable ‘hug’ of a wrap with the simplicity of a structured carrier.

This a great addition to any babywearer’s stash and it has the ability to last your entire babywearing career.Not many carriers, besides the ever versatile woven wrap, can your kids NOT outgrow.

This is pretty good value for such a clever carrier!