• One on One Babywearing Consultation for Comfortable Baby Carrier

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Babywearing Consultations

During a babywearing consultation you will learn about anatomy and development of your baby, how to wear her in an ergonomically optimal position and what different carrying options you have. You can try out almost every available carrier that allows you to wear your baby in a comfortable and correct ergonomic position, so you can narrow down what carrier is most comfortable for both of you and suits you and your needs best.

If you want to learn how to carry in a woven or stretchy wrap or a ring sling, we will find the best suited product for you and practice step by step techniques with a special babywearing demo doll until you are confident to try it with your baby. You will also learn what accessories are useful to wear your baby with ease in any weather.

Organic baby wearing specialist consultations

One on One Consultation

  • Learn everything you need to know about babywearing

  • 90 minutes for only $100

  • At your home or in our studio

  • Instructional videos included

  • Find the optimal carrying solution for you

One on One Babywearing Consultation for Comfortable Baby Carrier

Carrier fitting

  • Try out different optimal soft structured carriers

  • 30 minutes for only $50

  • at your house or at our studio

  • Instructional videos included

  • Find the right carrier for your needs

Consultation Information

Can you bring your partner or friend to a consultation?

Yes, consultations can greatly benefit from your partner’s presence or you can bring a friend, just let us know in advance.

Can you come to our mother’s group?

Yes, of course we are happy to look at all the carriers in your mother’s group and find the perfect individual adjustment because all mum and baby pairs are different


Is there any additional cost?

No! Everything is included in the price.

What about refunds?

If you can’t make it to the consultation we are happy to refund you 80% of the consultation price. You can change consultations at any time.

Can I change consultations or cancel any time?

Yes you can change consultations any time before the consultation has started. A cancellation is also possible. You will get a refund of 80% of the consultation price.

Please contact us for a price and an appointment with one of our babywearing experts in your area.