Babywearing Dads

We often get asked if we could recommend a soft-structured carrier that would work for both mums and dads.

Whilst we always recommend trying on a carrier before purchasing, here are a few pointers when searching for a carrier for dads.

Is the carrier only to be used by Dad or will other people be using the carrier?

If more than one person is going to be using the carrier we always like to suggest an option without buckles or minimal buckles to allow for ease of switching between caregivers.  If you are constantly having to adjust buckles on shoulder straps it can get to the point where others do not want to use the carrier as it takes too long to set it up and (sometimes) they don’t know how to adjust it.  A Half Buckle Carrier like the Kokadi Tai Tai or the Hoppediz Bondolino is a great option for this.

Is Dad particularly flexible?

Sometimes adjusting shoulder straps and sternum straps behind your body can be difficult.  Whilst a consultant can show you all the tips and tricks to make these adjustments easy, some wearers may find it easier to use a carrier that does not require these adjustments by the wearer each time they go to use the carrier.

Is Dad particularly broad across the chest and/or waist?

In this case it is essential to try the carrier on before purchasing.  Whilst companies will give measurements of waist straps and shoulder straps in their advertising, as we know, each body is built differently and, just like a pair of jeans, each carrier will fit each body differently.  It is also worth checking if the carrier you like comes with extension straps as add-ons or if the straps are extra long to start with.