Babywearing Glossary

Ever wondered if you’ve just completed a CCCB correctly with your WCMT?  Or are you just completely lost with all of the jargon in this brand new world you’ve stepped into?

Today we are going to present to you our glossary of Babywearing Terms.  Please feel free to suggest some terms to us to add to our list as, like the Oxford English Dictionary, we feel that the Babywearing Glossary is going to be constantly evolving.


BW Babywearing
C & C Colimacon et Cie woven wrap
CB Chest belt
CCCB Candy cane chest belt
DH Double Hammock
Didy Didymos woven wrap
DISO Desperately in search of
FB Full buckle
FCC Front Cross Carry
FWCC Front Wrap Cross Carry
Gira Girasol woven wrap
HSA Highly sought after
HB Half Buckle
HTF Hard to find
ISO In search of
JBC Jordan’s Back Carry
MD Meh Dai
Nati Natibaby woven wrap
Obi Obimama carrier
Onbu Onbuhimos
WC Wrap Conversion
PWCC Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
RAOK Random act of kindness
RR Reinforced ruck
RRRR ‘Pirate Carry’ Rear rebozo reinforced ruck
RS Ring Sling
RTIF Ruck Tied in front
RUB Ruck tied under bum
SHBC Secure high back carry
SSC Soft-structured carrier
Storch Storchenwiege woven wrap
Stretchy Stretchy wrap
TAS Tied at shoulder
TT Tied Tibetan
TUB Tied under bum
WPC Wriggle Proof Carry