Babywearing in the Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s also a very busy time for most families with many gatherings, events, concerts, parties and, most importantly, relatives visiting!  Babywearing can be essential during the festive season to enable most families to attend all of these events.  Here are a few  favourite tips from our consultants on how to survive the festive season with babywearing at your disposal.

  1. Dress your child appropriately – no matter how cute the Santa suit, elf or fairy costume is it’s important to check if the outfit is appropriate for the time of year and the weather!  In the southern hemisphere it is quite warm in December and it’s important to follow our Babywearing in Summer guidelines for dressing.
  2. No matter how many times a relative asks for you to ‘take him/her out of that thing so I can have a cuddle’ remember that you are allowed to refuse.  If your child is comfortable and asleep in the carrier/wrap or sling then they are also less likely to ask to disturb your child.  This can also be the perfect opportunity to educate your relatives on the benefits of babywearing.  Our Babywearing is Normal tip is quite useful for this.
  3. Watch out for tails, buckles and straps dragging in delicious food when you are leaning across the table!  A delicious feast is almost a certainty at this time of year but, to save you the extra washing, make sure you pay attention to the ends of your carrier/wrap or sling when leaning across the table or, better still, now is the perfect time to ask for people to pass the food to you!  If you do accidentally get food on your carrier check out our How to Care for your Wrap tip for all the tips on washing.
  4. Take extra care when using a wrap, carrier or sling when swimming.  There are a few aqua carriers that are intended for use in water.  It is important to check if your carrier is before you use it.  Seawater, saltwater and the chemicals in most pools can be harmful to the fibres in woven wraps or wrap conversion carriers and slings so remember to check before you swim.
  5. Don’t cover your child’s face with the hood of your carrier, muslin cloth or any other fabric when wearing.  It is important to CHECK NOW, CHECK OFTEN.  When wearing try not to have anything covering your child’s face that may obstruct their airways.  The increase in temperature caused by covering their face is also concerning in the hotter months.  Our tip on How to use the hood of your carrier demonstrates a nice, cool and safe method of providing head and neck support and still keeping the airways free and clear.

    Most importantly, remember that the festive season is all about celebrating with friends and family.  By keeping your child close and safe during the festive season you are allowing them to experience the season with you at your eye level and helping them to learn about the world around them.

    Happy Holidays!