Babywearing in Winter

What is important when wearing my baby in winter?

  • Carry your baby close to your body. That way you are giving warmth to your baby and you notice when your baby is too hot or too cold.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing. One closed layer around you both. This way your body temperature keeps your baby warm. Don’t dress your baby too hot as the wrap or carrier is substituting one clothing layer. But please don’t forget to protect the head with a warm beanie and the legs and feet with woollen legwarmers and booties/shoes.
  • Please avoid fluffy and bulky clothing where baby’s head is, so that breathing is not compromised at any time. Protect baby’s skin against wind and weather with a oily skin care product.
  • Please check the temperature of your baby regularly on the neck and feet. Your baby is relatively still in the wrap or carrier therefore not as warm as you are when you are moving. Babies often won’t complain when they feel cold, they just go very quiet and still in order to save resources. When you enter a warm room, please make sure your baby doesn’t get hot. Often it can be enough to remove the beanie and leg warmers and the jacket that was protecting the both of you.