Basic Passes with a Woven Wrap – Part I – Ruck/Kangaroo Pass

In any carry using a woven wrap or stretchy wrap, there are many different passes used over both the child and wearers body.  It is important to understand the functions and difficulties around each pass when learning a new carry and, in order to improve your overall technique.
In this first tip in this series, we will focus on one of the most fundamental passes, the rucksack or kangaroo pass.
This pass is used for rucks and/or back carry variations and also in the kangaroo
carry and all it’s varients.  In this pass there is:

  • Only upwards pressure across the pass
  • Potential for a loose top rail as the top rail has only a short distance to the shoulders so it needs to be tighter than the rest of the width of the wrap.
  • Perfect opportunity to prevent leaning from the wearee when a nice, tight top rail is established.

Some wearers find this pass tends to be cooler than others as there is potential for ventilation through the sides.