Anatomy of a Carry – Part II – Horizontal Pass

Horizontal passes (or torso passes) go straight across the baby’s back and under both of the wearers arms.

In this pass:

  • Pass presses the baby onto the wearer.
  • There is no upward pressure.
  • There is no upward pulling (ie. the seat isn’t pulled up and, legs can come down if the bottom rail isn’t tight).
  • The baby will be lower in a pass like this because all passes go under the arms of the wearer.
  • No openings on the sides.
  • Top rail is the same length as the bottom rail.
  • The horizontal pass can also be bunched under baby’s bum. This often becomes a securing pass in multilayer back carries.
  • Often used bunched to go over and under baby’s legs to secure the carry (ie. FWCC or Ruck).

This pass is the first pass in Front Wrap Cross Carry and Back Wrap Cross Carry.  It is often seen as a second or third pass in many carries to add support.