Different Shoulder Styles of Ring Slings

Ring Slings are such a useful tool for every babywearing family as they can be quick and easy once you have learnt to carry your child.  The ring sling is a short piece of fabric (around the 2m mark) with one end of the fabric having two rings sewn into it.

However, sometimes the one-shouldered carrying style does not work for every caregiver.  Sometimes testing out the different shoulder types can help you find your optimum comfort level when wearing your ring sling.

Here are some of the basic styles:

Gathered Shoulder – The fabric is loosely gathered before being attached to the rings.  This will allow for a nice, wide covering of your shoulder distributing the weight evenly.

Pleated Shoulder – The fabric is sewn into ‘pleats’ before it is attached to the rings.  This will cause the fabric to be narrower on your shoulder when wearing.  It can be more difficult to achieve comfort when flipping your ring sling as this style is not as mouldable to your shoulder as a plain gathered shoulder.  This style is commonly seen on ring slings that use wider fabric as it narrows the spread down the wearer’s shoulder.

Hybrid Shoulder – The fabric is a mixture of both gathered and pleated.  The pleats narrow the fabric but there is still some gathering which allows for some comfort to be achieved.

N.B. In each of these categories there are, of course, a whole subset of shoulder styles such as box pleat, floating gathered, hot dog shoulder.  However, these can all fit under these three main classifications.