Elizabeth‘s and John’s Babywearing Journey

We did not begin our babywearing experience until we had our third child, Robyn, in 1982.  By then we also had two other children aged six years and five years and we had moved from Toowoomba to Mackay where we knew no one and had little support.

With one child in Grade One and another in Preschool the Meh Dai purchased from the then Nursing Mothers Association was invaluable.  We used it daily as I, Elizabeth,  helped out at preschool and school with our other children and at their after school activities.  She loved being close and settled very easily. Hanging out washing was a breeze too as she cuddled closely and was settled but was not so happy to be put down.

In the evenings I, John, had to work late into the night preparing the Timetable for teachers and classes at Mackay State High School in my new role as Deputy Principal.  In those days it was done manually, without the aid of computers.  Robyn was quite happy to sleep for hours strapped to me in the Meh Dai as her mother slept or caught up on other jobs.

We both became quite comfortable wearing Robyn and continued to do the same for our fourth child.

When our first grandchild arrived, we watched with pride as her parents wore her.  We even had some success using the more modern wraps from time to time with her ourselves.

Our other daughters have become successful baby wearers too and we love telling others about how our grandchildren love the experience too.

In our day it was a rarity for babies to be worn.  Today we see more and more parents wearing their children.  For us the wheel has turned full circle.

John and Elizabeth Weir