How can I follow the SAFE guidelines in a Back carry?

We have all seen the SAFE guidelines but sometimes we get asked how can we meet these guidelines when carrying our child on our backs.

  1. Ensure the carrier, wrap or sling is Secure as you will not be able to respond as quickly to your child when they are on your back as when they are on your front and in view at all times.
  2. Check that your child has an unobstructed Airway.  Any hood or head support that is used should not completely cover their head but should be gently rolled to provide support whilst allowing a cool, free airflow.
  3. Ensure that your child is completely supported in a Firm wrap, carrier or sling without any slack.  Slackness could allow your child to slump in the carrier which could compromise their airway.
  4. Check that your child is in your Eyeline over your shoulder.  You should be able to turn your head and check on them easily.  You should also be able to tip your head back and touch the top of their head.   If you are unable to touch their head or see them they are too low in the back carry.
    Check now, check often!