How to rethread a buckle on your Soft-Structured Carrier

This weeks tip is all about soft-structured carriers again.

Today, we want to show you a really easy way to fix a buckle that has been threaded incorrectly.
Sometimes new carriers come with that minor flaws straight out of the box, but sometimes your buckle ‘turns the wrong way’ with use.

Here you can see a buckle threaded onto the webbing ‘the wrong way’.

When you wear your buckle this way, you have to twist the strap to be able to close the buckle and that can lead to discomfort as the twisted strap will dig and also rub on your skin. It is very easy to fix this and you probably have done it before, not with your SSC strap and buckle but with the buckle of your child’s capsule or car seat. It is almost the exact same process! You don’t have to unthread the buckle completly from the webbing and rethread it (although that is an option).
Sometimes this is not even possible as the webbing of the carrier has been folded over and sewn behind the buckle to add extra safety and to stop the buckle coming away from the strap.

Here are our steps to rethread your buckle:

1. Locate the strap where the buckle is threaded on the ‘wrong way’.

2. Move the buckle to one end of the strap, so that you have enough webbing free to work with.

3. Fold the strap over behind the buckle, so that the webbing is forming a 90 degree angle.

4. Move the buckle slowly over the folded section. Now you have the folded over webbing right in the middle of the buckle, in between the two outside edges of the buckle.

5. Now work this folded section through to the other side of the buckle. Just slowly move the folded webbing over the other bar of the buckle and you are done!

I hope this easy way has made you able to fix up this minor flaw on your Soft-Structured Carrier.