How to fold your carrier

We all need to store our carriers when they are not in use. We also might have multiple carriers, so we want to store them in compact form and in a way that we can see at one glance which carrier is which.  When we are out and about we want the carrier to take up as little room as possible in our bags.
So here are the instructions to our favourite folding method, step by step:

  1. Lay the carrier out completely on a flat surface, straps on either side of the carrier, hood with straps out towards the top of the carrier.

2. Fold the straps in on top of the body panel of the carrier one by one. Make sure all of the webbing lies on top of the carrier body.
When folding a Half Buckle or Meh Dai make sure all the whole shoulder strap is folded on top of the carrier body panel.

3. Place hood on top of straps. Hood straps pointing towards the waist belt.

4. Start rolling the carrier from the top end of the body panel down towards the waist belt nice and tightly.
The tighter the roll, the more compact the finished product will be.

5. When the carrier is completely rolled up on top of the waist belt bring the belt around from either side and close the buckle.

6. Tighten the waist belt around the rolled carrier.  For a Meh Dai or Reverse Half buckle just tie the waist strap into a knot
on top of the rolled carrier body panel (like the ribbon on a wrapped present).