How to get the ‘Cross’ lower on your back in a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

Do you often find that you have a lot of upper back, neck and/or shoulder pain when carrying for an extended period of time in a FWCC?
Babywearing should never be uncomfortable!  Our consultants all can troubleshoot your pain during a consultation to find the solution to your Babywearing needs.
Our consultants love this tip for lowering the cross on your back in a FWCC.  This ensures that the weight of your child is taken more off your upper back and moved further down.
Just before tying off your FWCC, grab both tightened strands (or bunches) of fabric and, whilst maintaining tension, move them both completely off your shoulders.  The strands should be parallel to the floor (as pictured).
Then bring the strands back up over your shoulders and tie off as per normal.
This will ensure that the cross is moved lower on your back and the tension removed from your neck and shoulders.