How to get your baby safely on your back in a woven wrap

There are many different ways to get your child on your back with a woven wrap.  We love teaching the Seated Santa Toss in our consultations for small babies.  However, the method we like to use for children with good upper body control is the Joint-Friendly Superman.
This technique places no pressure your child’s limbs and joints whilst still being quick for those walking and running
toddlers who won’t sit still for a Seated Santa Toss.
This technique is suitable for children who are already accustomed to being
wrapped in a woven wrap.  If your child is a confident crawler and can sit up independently it is also a good indicator that they are ready for this technique.  If you are unsure with which method is appropriate for your child please contact one of our qualified and insured consultants to arrange a consultation.
Here is our step-by-step method:

  1. Start with your child facing away from you with the wrap over their shoulders
  2. Place your hands on your child’s torso with your thumbs on their stomach and your four other fingers pointing towards their back.
  3. Rotate your arms as you superman your child over your preferred shoulder. Once your child is up on your back you can continue to tighten your wrap and complete the carry as per usual.