How to maximise the comfort of your emeibaby

As one of the most adjustable carriers on the market, the emeibaby is quite popular with our clients.

It adjusts to both the wearer and the child and is made from woven wrap fabric so it is perfectly suited for wearing your child no matter what their age!

In today’s tip we will demonstrate how to adjust the emeibaby carrier with two different sized babies.

1. Wear your shoulder straps tight so that the two padded sections meet under your arm (there should be no visible webbing).

2. Wear the waist belt high on your waist (not on your hips) at about the height of your belly button. This will help you to achieve a better weight transfer off your shoulders and onto your waist.

3. Sit your baby in the carrier with his/her bottom level with the height of the bottom of the waistband before you bring the back panel up over his/her back.

4. Wear the sternum strap low down (at about bra strap height).

5. Wrap the hood of the carrier around the excess seat adjustment fabric to create a lovely padded headrest.