How to provide head support in a carry on your back

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your child has adequate head support in a carry on your back when your child has fallen asleep?

As per the TICKS guidelines that we have discussed here we should always ensure that our child is ‘In View at all times’ when being worn.  This way we can check that their airways are unobstructed and we can always monitor our child. Use your phone on camera setting to check your baby on your back.

When using a carrier with a hood , we always recommend rolling the hood to allow for this unobstructed view.

However, some carries do not provide sufficient head support, when our child is asleep on your back and we need to provide head support.  In order to make your babywearing truly, ‘handsfree’ we can utilise a lightweight, ‘airy’, soft scarf to manufacture our own head support.

  1. Gather the fabric  of your light scarf loosely
  2. Place the scarf horizontally over your child’s neck and one side of the head where you would like to position the support
  3. Thread the two ends of the fabric through the shoulder straps of the shoulder passes of your wrap as tight as your find is appropriate to offer your child adequate head support.  (N.B. You will need to remove this support when your child wakes or is removed from the carrier so you need to ensure that you can do this promptly).
  4. Always ensure that no fabric is covering your child’s airways and that they are ‘In View at all Times’.

We don’t recommend using the second hammock pass in a Double Hammock back carry as a head support because this will pin baby’s head to your body as there is weight and force in this shoulder pass, so the easiest and most comfortable option is to use the scarf as a head support in this carry.