How to provide head support using the tail of your ring sling

Head support is required when your child is still young and unable to hold up its own head and it is always required when your child is asleep (no matter what the age).  Even adults have no head support when fast asleep!

  1. Loosely gather a section of the ring sling tail.  The size of the section depends on the age of the baby.  Obviously you will not need to use the whole tail for a newborn baby, as it would force their head into an unnatural position.
  2. Do not roll!  Rolling the tail of the ring sling causes a hard head support behind your child’s neck rather than a soft cushion.
  3. Tuck the gathered section under the top rail of the ring sling.  Make sure you have spread the back panel up high enough when setting up your ring sling to allow for this.