How to put your baby in the carrier safely

Holding and manoeuvring a small baby into a wrap or carrier can be tricky.

At The Babywearing Practice we are passionate about safe infant handling.

Our one on one consultations always includes tips and tricks for safely and securely getting your bub or child into a carrier. This week we look at the beginning process where all front carry Babywearing handling begins.

Once you have prepared and buckled up the waist strap of your carrier,  or slipped on your ring sling, or prepared the first few steps of your front wrap cross carry you get to the part of picking up your baby. We encourage all wearers to…

– Hold your baby high up on your shoulder with your thumb under their armpit and your remaining fingers spread across babies back providing firm support to upper back and neck.

– Baby’s inside arm is up over your shoulder securing baby against your neck. In this position baby is secure whilst you begin the process of lowering baby into the desired location for wrapping or securing carrier. Whilst the images reflect this process with a newborn Bub,this same technique can be used with older, less compliant babies/toddlers should the need arise. Holding your older child in this position may feel awkward,  but it will minimise their ability to throw themselves back away from you, and also allows them to be held close to you for cuddles and verbal reassurance.