How to put your baby on your back in a Soft Structured Carrier

One of the most common questions we get asked about carriers is, how do I put my child on my back in the carrier?  This week we have a video for you as well as some simple instructions.
Please note, if you are using a soft-structured carrier with a sliding sternum strap, this method will require particular care as the buckle may move to an unsafe position during the process

  1. Put your child in the carrier on your front.  Make sure that all the straps are done up but that they are loose enough for you to manoeuvre the carrier.
  2. Bring one hand up through the shoulder strap next your child’s ear.
  3. Leading with your elbow, bring your other arm down through the other shoulder strap.
  4. Take note of which arm is up and ‘scoot’ your child underneath that arm towards your back.
  5. When you cannot move your child any further, move the ‘upwards arm’ to come in front of the child and keep scooting your child towards your back.
  6. Once your child is on your back you can bring the waistbelt higher up and tighten the straps.
  7. Move the sternum strap lower so that it is not choking you and tighten.

    N.B. If you want your child to sit nice and high and be able to see over your shoulder, ensure that the PFAs (Perfect Fit adjusters) on the top of the shoulder straps are done up nice and tight (and not loosened at the start).