How to support your hips during pregnancy with a ring sling

Using woven wraps and ring slings during pregnancy can be a great way to support your body and assist in taking some of the weight off.  However, with all things during pregnancy, it is very important to listen to your body and, if you are concerned, to speak to your medical professional about your concerns.

Today we are going to show you our video for how to use a ring sling to provide support to the hips during pregnancy.  By using this method, new wearers can also become accustomed to tightening, sorting and using a ring sling.  It can also help to break in the wrap or ring sling prior to the birth of the baby (if the sling is still new).

  1. Place the ring sling behind your body and ensure that there are no twists.
  2. Thread the ring sling by going up through both rings and then back down through one ring.
  3. Ensure that the fabric is not too loose but not too tight at this stage by gently tightening it to ensure it doesn’t fall down.
  4. Sort the fabric to ensure that it is all evenly spaced through the rings and not bunched on top of itself.
  5. Tighten the fabric through the ring sling by working through the width of the ring sling.  Reposition the rings as required to ensure that they are not centred and also not over your bump.
  6. Tuck the excess tail into the ring sling to ensure it is not a trip hazard.

It is important to note that no pressure is placed on the bump and the ring sling sits underneath the bump.  The rings themselves are placed to the side so as not to place any pressure on the pubic symphysis.

For more information or to try other methods of pregnancy wrapping, please chat to one of our fully trained and qualified consultants.