How to tie your shoulder straps

As you know we love wearing our babies in Meh Dais or Halfbuckle carriers.

During our consults we often get confronted with mums that wear a Meh Dai or a Halfbuckle carrier that complain of headaches or about the carrier pulling on their shoulders or pains in their neck.
A lot of our tension headaches get triggered by pressure on our trapezius muscles (the muscles that are on either side of your neck). These muscles are not “designed” to bear weight. This is why we often feel really uncomfortable when the carrier straps sit there and transfer weight onto our neck.

For this week’s tip we want to share a easy fix to this problem when using a Meh Dai or a Half Buckle carrier.
The aim is to keep the trapezius muscles free from the straps. So make sure your straps sit far enough away from your neck as to not put pressure on them.

So, when you put on your carrier put the straps over your shoulder and while supporting your baby with one hand let the other hand grab BOTH straps behind your back and pull them straight down. Then cross them really low on your back and bring them around your body, under the legs of the baby and then tie them together under baby’s bum. This way the straps stay clear of your neck and the cross sits comfortably low on your back (it should be around bra strap height or lower, not up high on your upper back or behind your neck).