How to tighten the top rail in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

A Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is a fabulous choice of a simple carry that is suitable for newborns onwards as long as it is comfortable for you both! It emulates an in-arms carry and offers your baby   the comfort of a close hug while leaving your hands free.
One of the most frequently asked questions when learning a FWCC is ‘How can I get my top rail tight enough?’ What does tight enough mean?
A wrap should provide support for your child along the entire length of their spine, so getting your top rail firm is just as important as strand by strand tightening throughout the entire width of the wrap. For a smaller baby or a baby that sleeps the wrap needs to support and assist the muscle tonus.
If you were to tighten your top rail quite firmly, but had not tightened the rest of the wrap strand-by-strand then you would potentially have slack through the wrap over the child’s upper back that could cause them to slump, and cause the tight top rail to cut in.
With a evenly tightened carry your babys airway will be free and clear and their head and spine adequately supported.

How to ensure a tight top rail:

  • When tightening the wrap around the baby in a FWCC, pull one of the top rails completely off your shoulder and hold it out to the side, behind your shoulder parallel with the ground.
  • Place your thumb inside that top rail and tighten the rail horizontally, following the direction that the rail has come from.
  • Repeat on the other side ensuring that you always tighten in the direction that the rail has come from (i.e. Parallel to the ground).  This will enable you to remove slack out of the rail.

For other tips on how to get a safe and secure wrap job, please contact us to discuss your Babywearing needs today.