Meh Dais – Apron Style

Meh Dais – Apron Style ‘Apron’ and ‘Non-Apron’ are different ways to wear your Meh Dai.

To wear your Meh Dai ‘Apron Style’, you put the waist of the Meh Dai with the outside material (or right side of the fabric) against your body and the body of the Meh Dai hangs down like an apron. So the carrier hangs straight down your body with the inside (or reverse side) of the Meh Dai visible for you.

In ‘Non-Apron’ style, you tie the waist straps with the inside material (or reverse side) against your body and the body of the Meh Dai hangs over the top of the waist straps.
While it is often a personal preference based on each mother/baby dyad and the particulars of your Meh Dai, here are some reasons that may help you choose when to ‘apron’:
• To shorten the body of the Meh Dai. This is particularly useful when you have a newborn, small baby or your Meh Dai has a longer body.
• To get a deeper seat. Do you have a leg straightener or struggle to get that nice deep seat which puts your baby in the M-position? ‘Apron’ style will assist you with this.
• If your Meh Dai is unpadded or has a small amount of padding in the waist straps, wearing apron style will support the weight of your child more better and carrying your baby will then be more comfortable for both of you.

Meh Dais are a great babywearing option either way!