Newborn Babywearing

Often we are asked what is the best way to carry a newborn baby.  Our first answer is to carry your child following the SAFE  guidelines.  But after that, the options are many.  It is always important to remember that each caregiver and baby dyad is unique and that what works for one dyad may not work for another.  It is always important to try out your options before purchasing as well.  If your child has been born prematurely or has any medical conditions that you are concerned may affect your babywearing, it is important to seek advice before wearing your child.  You can do this by booking a consultation with one of our insured and qualified consultations.

Let’s narrow down the options for you:

Woven Wraps can be a lovely option for newborn babywearing.  A nice thin woven (around 180gsm) in a cotton blend or 100% cotton is perfect for providing support for a newborn whilst still being thin enough that it isn’t providing any excess pressure on the spine when not adequately tightened.   Note that some brands of wovens are extra wide and are not appropriate for newborn wearing.

Ring Slings are a nice, cool option for those summer babies.  There is only a small amount of fabric used and, whilst these can be tricky to master the first time (contact us to help you with that!) they are a relatively quick option.  This is great for quick ups and downs when nappy changes or feeding is required.

Stretchy Wraps are a nice option for newborns as they provide support up to around the 6-8kg mark.  They can become quite warm as they require three layers of the child’s back for safety reasons.

Meh Dais are a cool option for wearing a newborn.  It is important to check the weight limits and instructions for your specific meh dai to ensure it is appropriate for your child.  The Hoptyes are a great option for small babies.  Make sure that your meh dai is adjustable to both the wearer and baby for SAFE babywearing.

Full and Half buckle Soft-Structured Carriers can be a good option.  It is important to realise that not all Soft-structured carriers are made for newborn babywearing and you must always ensure that you read the instructions and warning labels for your specific carrier.  Carriers that are made from cool, organic woven wrap fabric are preferable to canvas carriers as they will be breathable.  A carrier that adjusts and grows with your child (and to you!) is a great option as it will provide appropriate support for a newborn as they grow.  A Soft-structured carrier that does not place any pressure across the back panel via shoulder straps is always preferable.  The Kokadi range offer great support for newborns without any additional pressure.

Hybrid carriers can be the most comfortable of carriers for newborn babywearing.  They provide the ease of buckles for the wearer whilst positioning the baby in a ‘hammock-style’ wrap seat.  Designed from woven wrap fabric, they are breathable and soft for newborn wearing.  Check out the emeibaby range here.