Susan’s Babywearing Journey

My babywearing journey is just beginning with my 3 month old baby girl. 

My husband and I attended a short introductory session to babywearing run by Robyn when I was 35 weeks pregnant. We saw Robyn demonstrate a number of different carriers and we bought one based on our needs (baby-sized, easy to use, easily transferable between parents). 

We were able to wear our little girl from 2 weeks old (when she was heavy enough for our carrier) and we have grown more confident every time she is worn. 

She loves being in our carrier so much that I booked a further consultation with Robyn for her to teach me how to carry our little one in a wrap. Robyn gave such clear instructions and my little girl drifted off to sleep in minutes! The day after my consultation I tried to wrap my distressed little girl. Surprisingly I remembered how to wrap and my bub was calm and asleep in minutes. 

This may only be the start but certainly isn’t the end of my babywearing journey.