What size wrap do I need?

Most newcomers to babywearing are often confused about the sizing of woven wraps and how that relates to babywearing.  Today we will decipher the sizing of woven wraps and how to select which wrap size is right for you.

The basic sizes of woven wraps are as follows:

Size 1: 2.0m

Size 2: 2.5m

Size 3: 3.2m

Size 4: 3.8m

Size 5: 4.2m

Size 6: 4.6m

Size 7: 5.2m

Size 8: 5.5m

Please note, these sizes are approximate and do vary quite a bit from brand to brand.  It is important to check the measurements of a woven wrap before purchase.  Some companies also provide other sizes of woven wraps than the ones listed here.  However, these are the most commonly used sizes of woven wraps.

Trying to determine which size wrap is the correct size for you can rely on many factors such as the type of carries used, the blend and thickness of wrap used, tightening technique, the size of the wearer and the size of the wearee.

One of the most commonly used sizing guides is the ‘Base Size’ guide.  A wearer’s Base Size is determined by the size required to safely complete a Front Wrap Cross Carry and tie at the back.   This Base Size will change over time as the wearee grows and, as the wearers technique improves over their babywearing journey.  For the large percentage of the population, this is a size 6 wrap.  This is why most new wearers will be recommended to purchase a size 6 when they are first learning.   If you are unsure what your base size is, our consultants are always able to assist you in determining which size is right for you.

Carry/Size Base Size -2 Base Size -1 Base Size Base Size + 1 Base Size + 2
Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)
Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC)
Double Hammock (DH)
DH (freshwater, saltwater, poppins)
Christina’s Ruckless
DH (TAS, with a ring)
Kangaroo Carry
Traditional Sling Carry
Shepherd’s Carry
Front Cross Carry

Our sizing chart below uses the Base Size + and – terminology.  So, if your Base Size were a 6 and the size recommended in the chart was Base + 1 you would then need to use a Size 7 and so on.

Please be aware that by choosing the longest size indicated when learning a carry there will be extra long tails leftover.  Some will choose to utilise these tails to create decorative finishes or to offer extra support.

If you are confused about which wrap size is right for you, contact one of our consultants today by booking a consultation here.