Flippin’ Ring Sling Revolution

During meets I will often get some well meant advice that I have twisted my Ring Sling on my back. That’s right and I really like it that way.
Why do I wear my Ring Sling with a flip?
When flipped, the top rail is going around my body and my baby’s body in one horizontal line. It is gently supporting baby’s head , neck and upper back area holding it close to my body. There is no upward pressure on this delicate area. It will also allow me to get the top rail tight and supportive.
The seat will be much deeper with both hip joints aligned as well as the knees. I am able to get the knees high up to the height of baby’s belly button, on my front, hip and even on my back (ask us how!). As the bottom rail is coming from the top cradling baby’s bum and going back up to my shoulder, the pressure of this rail is working only in an upwards direction, buffering shocks and facilitating optimal positioning.
My shoulder is cupped nicely and the top rail is not digging in under my arm or riding up towards my neck. The weight is distributed over my whole back and one shoulder.
These are the awesome reasons why the Babywearing School Australia brought the technique of the flipped Ring Sling to Australia. Have a look around at your local meets or on YouTube to see who wears or will recommend wearing your ring sling with a flip.
Once you have tried it you will never go back to the old way!