Why we flip the shoulder straps of our Meh Dais

Meh Dais are wonderful, versatile carriers.

They are the closest to the feel of wearing a woven wrap and, when choosing an adjustable Meh Dai (e.g. Didytai, Hop Tye, Wrap Tai or Fly Tai) they can also be adjusted to the size of your growing baby and the fit will always be great!

But have you ever experienced a quite loose section in the Meh Dai near the neck and upper back area of your baby?

Today, as a part of our tips series this year, we want to show you how to differently wear the straps of your Meh Dai to achieve more stability and support for the upper back and neck area of your baby when worn in the Meh Dai. We call it ‘Meh Dai with flipped shoulders’.
As you all know we love wearing our Ring Sling with a flip, but also our Meh Dais.
Here is how to do it:

  • Put the baby in the Meh Dai as you normally do.
  • Bring the straps over your shoulder and tighten a little bit.
  • Then grab the outside of your strap on your shoulder with the respective hand and pull it down with your hand away from your body and your elbow pinned close to your body.
  • Let the strap fall onto your wrist and put your hand and the straps back onto your shoulder. This way you have created a flipped shoulder just like a Kangaroo Carry with a woven wrap.
  • Repeat for other side and tighten the straps strand by strand as you always do.
  • Bring the straps around under baby’s legs and tie a knot under baby’s bum.