Why we wear our Stretchy Wrap in a FWCC

For many new parents, a stretchy wrap is a gateway into the wonderful world of babywearing.  Often times, manufacturers instructions recommend pre-tying the stretchy wrap in order to allow for quick and easy transfers to and from the wrap.

However, our consultants all recommend tying a stretchy wrap using the Front Wrap Cross Carry technique and spreading the passes (as with all carries using a stretchy wrap, three passes over the child are required to ensure the child is safe and supported at all times).  So why do we recommend this technique over the pretied method?

  • It is easier to tie the wrap tightly.   In a Front Wrap Cross Carry, you will tighten the carry once the child is already seated in the carry.  This method then allows you to ensure you have an adequate tight carry specific to your individual child.
    The tight wrap job will be more supportive for your infant.  As most stretchy wraps are used when the child is less than 6kgs, there is a strong focus on the safety and support offered by the wrap.  A tight wrap will also be the ‘shock absorber’ for your child when you are moving.
  • A tight wrap job will be more supportive for the wearer.  If the wrap job is loose, or becomes loose during wear, the wearer will sometimes adjust their body positioning to compensate for this lack of support for the child.  This, in turn, can lead to some discomfort for the wearer as they are often manipulating their bodies into unusual positions.
  • A pretied stretchy wrap is usually tied too loose to begin with and will (depending on the wrap) lose it’s stretch over time.  Most caregivers will assume their pretye is tight enough.  However, once they put their child in, the wrap will usually sag almost immediately.  Most stretchy wraps will not ‘bounce back’ once stretched until they are washed.  So, if the wrap is stretched to place the baby in the carry, it will then not bounce back to its original, ‘tight’ position to support the infant.
  • Tying the wrap around your child will be much easier on the baby as you don’t have to manipulate the position of the baby to “squeeze it” into the pretied wrap. With a little bit of practice using the FWCC will be just as quick as using the pocket wrap cross carry. When tying the wrap around your baby, you can still prepare the wrap around you with out the baby and tightening the wrap does really not take longer than putting the child into the prettied carry.

    If you have any questions about how best to use your stretchy wrap, or which stretchy wrap will suit your needs best, please contact one of our fully qualified and insured consultants.