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Hi, I’m Liz!

Liz Wagenknecht
Certified Babywearing Consultant 

Liz grew up in a large family in Germany where all babies were worn in woven wraps. After the birth of her daughter in 2012 and falling in love with babywearing she decided to learn more about how to safely wear her baby. Very quickly, wrapping grew into a passion. Her dream was to educate families to wear their babies safely and to promote baby wearing as a parenting tool.

So she travelled to Germany to study to become a certified Babywearing Consultant at Trageschule Hamburg to work as one of the first Babywearing Educators here in Australia.

Hi, I’m Robyn!

Robyn Gray
Qualified and Approved Babywearing Consultant

Robyn is based in Brisbane. She completed her training with the Babywearing School Australia in 2013 and is a big advocate for safe babywearing. Robyn found babywearing when her daughter was a week old and has worn her two year old daily since that time. In her spare time, Robyn is also a professional violinist and music teacher.

Hi, I’m Hannah!

Hannah Schultz
Qualified and Approved Babywearing Consultant 

Hannah is based in Pittsworth. She completed her training with the Babywearing School Australia in 2014 and runs Kangatraining in the Darling Downs area. She has two boys and Babywearing is her passion. She is offering Consultations in the Darling Downs area.

Babywearing Consultations

During a Babywearing Consultation you will learn about anatomy and development of your baby, how to wear her in an ergonomically optimal position and what different options you have. You can try out almost every available carrier, that allows you to wear your baby in a comfortable and correct ergonomic position. So you can narrow down what carrier is comfortable for both of you and find the carrier that suits you and your needs best.


Workshops are a great way to be introduced into Babywearing by a certified Consultant. They are offered regularly by the certified Consultants of the Babywearing Practice in different locations. We cover a lot of different topics. Some workshops are suited for beginners, some for advanced Babywearers. A workshop is usually 2 hours long and the number of participants is capped to 4 to ensure a quality learning experience.


Babies that are worn cry less, sleep more and settle quicker! If you have already a woven wrap or are thinking of getting one but have no idea how to wear your baby? Than maybe this course is the right thing for you and your baby.

Our Philosophy

You can’t find the brand of carrier you were wanting to buy?

Through many years of personal Babywearing experience and professional Babywearing consulting experience we have learnt what brands and products are high in quality and consistency and will be easy and enjoyable for you and your baby to use.

Here at the Babywearing Practice we are only selling optimal baby carriers. We do this because we believe that optimal Babywearing is the most comfortable way of holding your baby close. We also want your and your baby to experience all the wonderful advantages that optimal babywearing has to offer such as fostering healthy hip and spine development of infants.

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Dont take our word for it…

What experts say about babywearing!

Prof. Dr. Ernst J. Kiphard

Eminent pediatricians and orthopedic specialists recommend the sling for the following reasons: the baby’s eyes see very much more of their surroundings. This provides more stimuli for the infant’s brain. The mother’s movements stimulate all skin receptors but also the organs of movement and balance. Every time the centre of gravity shifts the reflexes of both the nerves and muscles are stimulated. The intensive eye- and body contact with the mother or father (because he too should carry the infant) imparts a feeling of safe wellbeing whose psycho-social importance is immeasurable.

Prof. Dr. Ernst J. KiphardUniversity of FrankfurtErnst_J._Kiphard
Prof. Dr. med. J. Büschelberger

Infants are especially adapted to being carried on our body. Thus, it is possible to make a statement about the ideal carrying position: with wide-spread,flexed legs, slightly rounded back and orientated towards the carrying adult.

Prof. Dr. med. J. BüschelbergerDresden
Eckhard Rolz PhD

The greatest expression of love is holding and carrying your baby. For centuries, humans have carried their children much of the day undefined until the invention of the stroller and the portable car seat. It is the most natural thing to carry a baby close to your body. A child needs physical contact and must be held for proper physical and mental development. A baby sling or carrying cloth is the most natural way to facilitate these needs. In addition, parents who carry their children create a special bond between them and the child that will last forever. We have used slings extensively and I recommend them to every mother and father.

Eckhard Rolz PhDAssociate ProfessorEckhard Rolz PhD
Dr. Roy M. Nuzzo

Cultures that carry babies with the child’s legs spread apart, such as riding on the mother’s hip, have, by far, the lowest incidence of hips that go on to be bad. African mothers have the best track record of all. Their protective way of carrying babies is unbeaten – held in an open-legged position by a sling-bandana. Cultures that wrap legs together in one way or another (swaddling, etc.) just plain destroy hips. Swaddling of children leads to waddling adults.

Dr. Roy M. NuzzoMD, FAAOS,FAAOP, POSNA, New Jersey, USADr. Roy M. Nuzzo
Maria Blois, MD
Babywearing is wonderful for parents and for babies. Beyond the convenience aspect, the early bonding facilitated by soft carriers is crucial to proper early infant neurological and physical development. Babies need to be in-arms and slings can help us do that. Human beings have been safely wearing their babies in fabric carriers for centuries.
Maria Blois, MDAuthor, Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient TraditionBabywearing Book
Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis

When parents carry their baby in a sling, they give it nearness and security, thanks to the body contact to the care-giving person. It can realize/be aware them with practically all its senses. It can hear their heartbeat, feel their warmth, observe their facial expressions, take in their smell – just the sensation of being moved pacifies especially well.

With face-to-face carrying it is possible for the baby to turn away from strong stimulations when it gets tired. The flood of visual stimuli that holds the baby captive is already interrupted just by the change body posture as the body-tension lessens. All this is not possible with the carrying method where the baby faces away from its mother’s body, because it is frontally exposed to the stimuli.

Dr. Evelin KirkilionisGermany
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